Nov 14, 2022, Innovations

How can a voicebot help in customer service?

Elżbieta Osys Junior Content Specialist
bot do rozmowy z obsłudze klienta
Customer needs are constantly growing, and companies are constantly brainstorming how to maintain a high level of customer service while providing them with personalized attention and meeting their expectations. Professional customer service requires the right approach—it's a complex process, yet crucial for companies aiming to stay ahead of the competition.

Artificial intelligence (AI) supporting customer service departments is an ideal solution that helps companies meet customer demands. According to research, over two-thirds of marketing professionals believe that companies primarily compete with each other based on customer service. The ability to interact with a company, have 24/7 phone contact, and receive real-time responses are decisive factors.

Voicebot in customer service

Satisfying individual consumer needs through traditional communication channels seems almost impossible. The number of messages and phone calls received from customers on a daily basis is so vast that the customer service sector cannot handle all of them simultaneously. Implementing artificial intelligence in your company can help take communication to a higher level, while still prioritizing customer issues.

The undeniable advantage of a customer service voicetbot

The bot operates independently of the day and time. It is capable of engaging in conversations with customers at any moment. Real-time response is one of the bot’s greatest advantages appreciated by customers. The short waiting time for a response provides a competitive edge.

The bot does not experience fatigue or irritation, and repetitive customer inquiries or demands do not bother it. Regardless of the time, the bot delivers the same quality of service to customers.

Where should a customer find the bot on your website?

In addition to adding a live chat feature on the company’s website, it is good practice to place them on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Customers often look for an easy and fast way to contact customer support on these platforms. It is much simpler than sending an official email and waiting for a response.

Customers appreciate the ability to have multi-channel contact with a company, which ensures excellent customer service. Users expect immediate problem-solving and answers to their pressing questions. There is no time for delays on the internet. Adding chat functionality to social media is a popular practice, as customers increasingly seek answers there.

Customer support departments where a bot can assist

Implementing artificial intelligence goes beyond answering frequently asked customer questions. You can utilize the bot for more complex tasks that contribute to business development and enhance customer service. They can be deployed for:

  • Answering customer support-related questions

  • Password resets

  • Collecting information from customers about outages or errors

  • Presenting the company’s offers

  • Handling complaints

  • Gathering data

  • Updating the customer database

  • Responding to frequently asked questions

  • Scheduling and rescheduling customer appointments.

Thanks to the invaluable assistance of bots, customer support departments operate more efficiently.

Professional customer service

Customer service is primarily about the time customers spend on the line or chat before receiving a satisfactory answer to their question. In order for a company to achieve professionalism in customer service, it should first and foremost understand the needs of its customers.

Professional customer service is distinguished by properly recognizing the needs of the customer, adapting the appropriate approach and solution to the customer, and communicating it to the customer in the right way.

Key skills for professional customer service

The basis of working with customers is always respect. Regardless of the type of customer, you should keep your composure and not let emotions take over. Customers can often be persistent, demanding, and negative towards every product or service offered. This is where artificial intelligence comes to the aid of every consultant, as it can make unwanted and burdensome calls to the customer, such as reminders about loan repayment deadlines.

Immediate response to customer inquiries

Customers dislike waiting for a long time for a response. If customer service delays in providing an answer or is unable to do so, there is a high probability that the customer will choose a competitor’s solution if they respond quickly to their doubts.

Providing customers with 24/7 customer service and continuous contact with the brand ensures staying one step ahead of the competition. To make this possible, companies are increasingly relying on the assistance of bots. With the help of bots, customer service becomes more innovative and provides the possibility of round-the-clock interaction with the company. Customers perceive the brand’s commitment to customer service, making them more likely to choose the brand and not seek alternative solutions.

Providing customers with accurate and substantive information

One advantage of bots is their use of a database that can immediately find answers. Moreover, bots encourage customers to communicate concisely and specifically, without unnecessary prolongation. Automated processes not only allow customers to enjoy excellent customer service but also benefit employees who can engage in more creative tasks. This makes the entire company operate more efficiently.

Bots revolutionize customer service

Research shows that up to 93% of consumers prefer to return to companies that offer high-level customer service, and as many as 50% of customers state that they would switch to a competitor that takes better care of customers.

How bots help improve the quality of customer service in sales

Companies that deal with the sale of products or services know very well the importance of customer service. In their case, the success of the company depends on the right approach to service recipients. Therefore, they must always be ready for market changes and innovative solutions.

Bots not only streamline phone contact but also improve the overall level of interaction with the brand. In addition to answering phone calls, they can support customer service representatives by responding to emails, chat inquiries, and sending SMS messages. Initially, a bot service may seem costly, but over time, it can generate profits for the company.

Bots in customer service also help coworkers

Taking care of customers ensures the brand’s success, but it is equally important to care for coworkers. An improved customer service process allows them to develop their skills and self-realization at work.

Contact with customers can be exhausting, which results in high turnover in call center positions. Lack of development opportunities and monotonous work easily leads to professional burnout. Due to constant staff turnover, customer service does not perform at a high level because training new employees and familiarizing them with the company is time-consuming, and staffing shortages affect the entire team.

Implementing a bot in the customer service department helps address this problem. Bots do not get bored with repetitive tasks, nor are they discouraged by difficult customers.

Actions customer service bots can perform

The bot helps in providing information to customers and facilitates the process of filing complaints if the customer is not satisfied with a purchased product or service. There is no need to wait in line for a customer service representative or fill out a purchase form again. Artificial intelligence quickly and easily verifies customer data, guides them through the entire complaint process, and contacts a human only if necessary.

In addition to handling complaints, the bot provides essential information about products and services to customers. Since it is constantly learning, it can better meet customer expectations and efficiently resolve their problems. Customer service with the assistance of a virtual voice assistant takes it to a whole new level.

Bots as the future of customer service

Certainly, bots will not fully replace customer service employees for a long time. Human support is still needed for more complex tasks. However, more and more companies are opting to implement bots. This improves the overall brand image and helps meet the growing demands of customers.

Because bots are constantly learning, they can improve their performance in customer interactions. Often, customers who call a helpline admit that they do not perceive a decline in the quality of customer service when a bot answers the phone instead of a human.

Bots enable the maintenance and even enhancement of the existing service quality. They encourage customer interaction with the brand and offer round-the-clock customer support. This makes customer service fast, conversations focused, and waiting times short. As a result, the services provided by the company are at the highest level, and customer satisfaction remains a priority.