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Voicebots powered by AI

A voicebot is software that can communicate with humans using natural speech, enhancing and automating the customer service process. Powered by artificial intelligence, an intelligent virtual assistant increases scalability and availability of the telephone channel, enables cost optimization, and doesn’t require the installation of additional programs or applications.

Voicebots for business

Easy implementation and integration, communication consistency, and cost optimization

A virtual consultant relieves your employees from repetitive contacts in the telephone channel. It is ready to serve your customers 24/7, effectively and without interruptions, utilizing its full potential.

The bot allows for flexible scaling of the number of supported customers based on individual business needs. It can have a unique personality, its own name, and speak in the voice of an actor, a known narrator, or digital, all in accordance with the defined schedule and conversation script.

Advantages of voice AI


Consistency of experiences

Regardless of how many times a customer contacts your company, the conversations are always conducted according to the required standard, building a cohesive brand experience.


Ease of implementation

Industry-specific and process-oriented bots minimize the implementation time and generate benefits faster than any other solutions available on the market.


24/7 availability

A voice bot can receive and make calls, automating processes in the call center during scheduled hours, even 24 hours a day.


Competitive advantage

By implementing voice bots, you join innovative companies in the market, clearly signaling to customers your aspirations for the highest quality of service.


Cost optimization

Reducing the cost of handling a single contact in the telephone channel compared to handling by a consultant in the call center.



You can easily increase the number of active bots and supported processes without the need for tedious and time-consuming recruitment and training processes.

Our implementations

How does a voicebot work?


It makes and receives calls without limitations


It analyzes and responds to the speaker’s statements in real time


It conducts conversations according to predefined scenarios and knowledge base


It understands the speaker or seeks clarification in case of ambiguity


The AI module ensures continuous learning


It reports results and provides call details

Processes that can be served by a voicebot

  • icon image Confirmation or rescheduling of appointments
  • icon image Identification, authentication, and call routing
  • icon image Verification of case or shipment status
  • icon image Sales or reservation process
  • icon image Taking meter readings or handling complaints
  • icon image Providing answers to FAQs
  • icon image Assisting with simple technical issues
  • icon image Soft debt collection
  • icon image Virtual restaurant support
  • icon image Phone surveys and interviews
  • icon image Emergency reporting and notifications
  • icon image Promoting a new product

Examples of using voice AI in business


Debt collection industry

Debt collection processes are extremely delicate and challenging. That’s why using automated systems, such as voicebots, to communicate with debtors and analyze results is a great idea for optimizing and streamlining the process.

With a voicebot, we can support your efforts by providing amicable debt collection services and reminders about overdue obligations. It has been proven that voicebots can achieve remarkable results as debt collectors, while avoiding errors that could undermine trust in business relationships.


Dispatch centers

A voicebot can serve as the first point of contact in a dispatch center. It can verify the issue, identify the caller and their location, determine the category of the report, and then connect the person to a consultant who is already familiar with the conversation’s context. This is particularly helpful when there is a high volume of incoming reports. Through initial analysis, the dispatcher can prioritize the most urgent cases, allowing for better organization of work and timely assistance in case of emergencies.


Medical facilities

Failure to confirm appointments at medical facilities often results in inefficient management of doctors’ schedules and poor organization of work. Automating this process with the help of a voicebot can help avoid unutilized hours. Providing early notification of canceled or rescheduled appointments allows for scheduling other patients or allocating that time to other tasks.


Info Kiosks

Info Kiosks play a crucial role in government institutions as versatile first-point-of-contact information hubs. Most of them operate solely based on touchscreens, making the devices completely inaccessible to visually impaired individuals. In this case, a voicebot becomes a valuable complement, allowing machine interaction through voice as well, without discriminating against any users and speeding up the service process.


Service Companies

A voicebot can contact customers to assess their satisfaction level with the provided service or used product. The survey process can involve simple satisfaction surveys (NPS) as well as more elaborate questionnaires. With a voicebot, there is no need to involve customer service representatives or external call centers for this task, and the low costs encourage conducting surveys systematically. Additionally, the bot can assist with sales, customer support, and act as an information provider.

Our clients say

We decided to automate our customers’ telephone service in the area of confirming vehicle maintenance appointments and customer satisfaction surveys. The voice bot met our expectations both in terms of cost optimization and improving the quality of service to our customers.

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