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Advanced voice tool for customer service in the automotive industry through the telephone channel.


  • Details A voicebot tooptimize and automate selected processes carried out through the phone channel by employees of car dealerships and service centers.
  • Innovations RASA algorithms
  • Technologies .NET, C++
  • Industry Automotive
  • iteo Team 1 x Business Analyst
    1 x UX designer
    4 x Backend Developers
    1 x Tester
    2 x Project Owners
    1 x UI designer

Processes within the company were carried out by assistants and advisors at Skoda Lellek showroom, making the existing procedures labor-intensive and largely manual. The voicebot has allowed for their automation, enabling employees to dedicate more time to customers visiting the showrooms.


  • 2019

    Product workshops

  • 2020

    Bot creation process


    Proof of Concept (PoC)

  • Intro

    Lellek Group is a leader in the automotive industry and one of the largest Volkswagen dealerships in Poland, operating for over 25 years.

    The main focus of its operations consists of 10 complexes comprising car showrooms and service points for Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, and Seat brands.

    To enhance customer service quality and provide the most innovative solutions in the industry, Lellek Group has decided to collaborate with iteo voice solutions in the implementation of a AI-powered voicebot.


    Business needs & goals

    The project’s idea was to create a voice bot that would optimize and automate 3 processes carried out through the phone channel by employees of dealerships and service center.

    • Confirmation of service appointments
    • Informing about the possibility to pick-up a new car purchased at the dealership
    • Customer satisfaction survey regarding the level of service at the dealerships and service centers

    Target group

    We have identified two main groups among the existing customers of Lellek to target the voicebot:


    • Individual customers and businesses: These are typically customers who drive cars purchased from one of the Lellek Group’s dealerships and utilize the services of one of their service centers.

    • Fleet customers: These are regional employees who use fleet vehicles purchased from one of the Lellek Group’s dealerships, as well as companies that utilize the services of one of the Lellek Group’s service centers.


    The key defined factors for the effectiveness of the voicebot’s work in Lellek Group are:

    • Appointment reminder: Sending reminders about scheduled appointments, collecting confirmation of arrival within the agreed time frame, handling appointment cancellations or rescheduling, and the number of saved service hours.

    • Vehicle status in service: Handling incoming calls to provide information about the status of the vehicle in service, including updates on its readiness for pickup. Also, tracking the number of informed customers about their vehicle being ready for pickup. Additional metrics include the number of customer declarations regarding the pickup date and notifying customers when their vehicle is ready for pickup.

    • Customer satisfaction survey: Ensuring that all survey questions are answered by customers.


    Product workshops

    The collaboration started with a two-day product workshop, during which we created a unique value proposition and project vision based on Lellek Group’s mission.

    We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the company to identify opportunities for optimization and automation of all processes. The client selected three processes to be handled by the voice bot.

    For each process, we matched target groups and their needs, identified areas for automation, defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and outlined the expected benefits of automation. We also defined the bot’s personality and conversation scripts for each automated process and target group.


    Based on the workshops, we prepared a Proof of Concept (POC) project that defined the scope of functionality for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the voice bot. The chosen business process had to meet several criteria – provide business value to the client, demonstrate the system’s effectiveness, and ensure agility in implementation by minimizing the need for integration with client systems.

    For the project, we utilized the pre-defined Hellobot module, which was personalized to meet the specific requirements and needs of Lellek Group.

    For the POC, the bot was implemented in a Bot as a Service model, providing the complete infrastructure on the Hellobot side and requiring integration only with the client’s phone number. In the next phase, we plan to integrate it with the dealer’s CRM system and enable end-to-end automation, including automatic scheduling in the service calendar.

    The virtual consultant from Lellek Group initiates a call to the client, and in case of no answer, retries the contact after a defined time interval. The client also has the option to call back.

    Hellobot sends a daily email report on the status of completed calls and the details of each record in the database to the employee responsible for this process at Lellek Group.


    Quality guarantee

    We conducted a series of tests to improve and optimize the voice bot.

    The first phase involved internal tests conducted prior to deployment. Their purpose was to develop the best scenario that meets all the requirements and verify if the bot understands it well.

    Next, we moved on to the second phase of testing, this time in collaboration with the client. The process involved cosmetic changes to optimize the dialogues in order to increase customer satisfaction and reduce the number of unsuccessful calls.


    The initial tests conducted at one of the brand’s locations proved that process automation is effective and positively impacts the company’s image and customer satisfaction.

    The main business benefits achieved through the work of the voicebot in the phone channel are:

    • Positive feedback from Skoda customers who have interacted with the bot.

    • Reduction in the number of missed calls (lost potential customers).

    • Reduction in customers who fail to show up for their scheduled service appointments.

    • Increase in the amount of time that employees and advisors at Grupa Lellek can dedicate to more innovative and less repetitive tasks.

    • Extension of the time dedicated to direct interactions with customers visiting Grupa Lellek’s showrooms.

    • Promotion of the Lellek Group and the Skoda brand as pioneers of innovation in the market of car dealerships and authorized service centers.

    • Process optimization and increased service availability, resulting in customer satisfaction as well as easier and more efficient communication.

    • Ensuring consistency and accuracy in the processes of confirmation, information provision, and surveying within Lellek Group.

    Our clients say

    We decided to automate our customers’ telephone service in the area of confirming vehicle maintenance appointments and customer satisfaction surveys. The voice bot met our expectations both in terms of cost optimization and improving the quality of service to our customers.

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