Apr 20, 2023, Infrastructure

How voice AI helps in managing mass events

Joanna Kołodziejak Marketing Specialist
technologia głosowa na imprezach masowych
Lately, there has been a lot of talk about how AI, or artificial intelligence, will change the world, automate most processes, reduce the need for human resources, and ultimately replace humans. There are many types of artificial intelligence. As the name suggests, it is an artificial entity designed to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as pattern recognition, problem-solving, or learning from data.

What is Voice AI?

So what is Voice AI then? It is a field of artificial intelligence that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to recognize and process human speech in various configurations. Voice AI encompasses not only voice bots but also voice assistants (Siri, Alexa) and smart home devices that have voice control systems.

There are many applications for Voice AI. At iteo voice solutions, we focus on automating various processes for different industries. Today, let’s take a look at mass events since summer is approaching, and we’re entering the season of outdoor events and festivals.

Which processes can voice AI streamline during mass events?

There are many processes that can be streamlined by Voice AI during large-scale mass events. Let’s examine the most important ones below.

Crisis management

In crisis situations, such as evacuations, Voice AI can be used to automatically deliver important information, such as evacuation instructions or danger warnings, through speakers placed at the event venue. In this case, artificial intelligence can go a step further and monitor real-time data from various sources, such as surveillance cameras or motion sensors, to track the movement of people and guide them to safe areas or the nearest evacuation exits.


Mass events are usually noisy, making it difficult to “read lips” in the crowd. Thanks to live broadcasts on big screens, we can get a closer look at the awaited star or speaker, and Voice AI takes it a step further. Through automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology, which is used, among others, on platforms like YouTube, voices can be automatically transcribed and simultaneously translated into a language understandable to the participants.

Data analysis

Voice AI can also be applied on a smaller scale. Systems can analyze data regarding participant registration during festival entry and estimate the number of beverage sales points that should be open based on that. The same system can redirect additional staff to areas with a higher concentration of people or notify relevant services of potential threats. By integrating with voice assistance, employees and participants can be efficiently informed about the opening of a new queue or the closure of a previous point.


Artificial intelligence and AI-based systems are developing at a rapid pace. Working in the technology industry, we see a tremendous need for automation, and thanks to advancing technology, it is possible in an increasing number of processes. Mass events are another example where established solutions can be applied, and there are many benefits to using Voice AI systems – from increasing the safety of participants through automated crisis management processes, to providing comfort and accessibility of information delivered from the stage through automatic translations, to improving sales and organizational processes through appropriate systems for directing the movement of employees and event participants.

The application of Voice AI should be considered by every organizer of mass events who wants to provide the highest level of comfort and safety for their participants, as well as keep up with the times and technological advancements.