Dec 28, 2022, Consulting

How will a voicebot serve a store’s customer?

Elżbieta Osys Junior Content Specialist
bot głosowy w sklepie
In a physical store, the term "voicebot" might evoke an image of a humanoid robot doing shopping and delivering it to the doorstep. In reality, shopping bots are computer programs that save time, answer customer questions, and help streamline the time-consuming process of price comparison.

A pleasant voice interface and a user-friendly website are key to success in online sales. Voicebots work excellently not only in stores but also as aids in call centers. Thanks to Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), which recognizes human speech, purchases can be even more tailored to customers’ evolving needs.

Voicebot - modern customer service

With the help of artificial intelligence, online shopping becomes easy for comparing product prices, customizing the store to individual customer needs, and making product recommendations based on algorithms. Voicebots provide a competitive edge in the market as they are available to customers 24/7, always ready to answer questions, assist in selecting the right product, or check order status.

Order status verification

Customers often grow impatient after making a purchase and want to know the status of their orders right away. To satisfy their curiosity, we can introduce bots into our offerings, responsible for providing information about the shipping process. This way, we can quickly and easily verify whether an order is prepared or received by a courier. It’s a convenience appreciated by customers as well as customer service representatives. By having the bot inform customers about the status of their orders, employees can focus on more creative tasks.

Complaints or returns

Whether it’s the wrong size, product discrepancies, damaged, or dirty items, there are numerous reasons why customers return or complain about their orders. Until recently, product returns had to be handled via mail, which was inconvenient, time-consuming, and added stress for customers.

Nowadays, customers can enjoy the option of returning products with the help of a bot, which guides them through the complaint process from A to Z. Automation allows for communication with the company 24/7, while the system keeps the return process updated and provides customers with information about the status of their returns.

Frequently asked customer questions

FAQs comprise the most commonly asked questions by store users. The Frequently Asked Questions section offers customers a chance to quickly find answers, while for the company, it’s an opportunity to elevate communication with users to a higher level. In this case, deploying a bot as assistance is an excellent idea for automating communication within the company.

By introducing an FAQ section on the website, we can reduce the number of email messages and phone calls to the customer service department. Waiting to connect with a consultant may not be the best solution in the age of the internet, where there’s no time to waste. Well-crafted responses and an implemented bot relieve employees of repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more creative assignments.

Automating customer satisfaction surveys

To gauge customer satisfaction with their purchases, we can implement a bot that conducts phone conversations to assess the level of customer satisfaction with services and products. Through artificial intelligence-driven research, crucial information can be gathered to monitor changing customer requirements. After receiving and analyzing the results, the company can adjust its products to current market needs and become a leader in the industry.

Bots offer a relatively inexpensive solution for conducting telephone surveys among customers who have made purchases. There’s no need to involve employees or outsource external call center services. Integrating the bot with the existing team ensures top-level customer service.

Promotion information

The bot is not only useful for presenting offers but can also be used to inform customers about new promotions, price changes, or additional discounts. When browsing offers and comparing them on their own, valuable time is often wasted. A bot can check available promotions and make shopping a pure pleasure.

The process of searching for promotions works by the customer entering the product categories they are interested in, such as smartphones. When a new price appears, the user is immediately notified. With a bot, searching for the most advantageous price is much faster because there is no need to manually check the store’s website and search for the best offer.

Sales and reservations

There are situations where customers who visit an online store do not want to make purchases or reservations online, but they also do not have the opportunity to shop in a physical store. To cater to this group of customers, an additional sales channel can be provided – a voice bot.

Engaging in a conversation with a bot allows customers to learn about the offer in detail and place orders. A customer can reserve a product, and then the bot informs them about the pickup date or shipping status. There is no need to wait for feedback or make phone calls to a helpline.


The increase in online transactions has led companies to seek innovative solutions for automating purchases in online stores. Implementing a voice bot that handles orders, assists customers in product selection, answers frequently asked questions, and enables communication around the clock is undoubtedly a significant advantage.

A bot enables faster and more convenient shopping by providing instant price comparison and seamless handling of advertising or order returns. A well-selected bot that helps automate purchases in your company will have a positive impact on customer interaction and improve response times to inquiries. In the era of the internet, waiting a long time for contact from a company is no longer acceptable.

Contrary to appearances, a voice bot is a cost-effective solution that can bring surprising benefits to both users and company employees.