Oct 20, 2022, Business

Customer service strategy with the help of a call center bot

Elżbieta Osys Junior Content Specialist
call center bot w obsłudze klienta
According to research, the cost of a conversation with a bot is about half of the cost of a conversation with a consultant in a call center. But the advantage of artificial intelligence doesn't end there. A bot doesn't experience fatigue, take coffee breaks or lunch, and doesn't need vacations. It is characterized by patience and composure when answering customer questions. Bots are becoming increasingly familiar to users as they gain experience in customer interactions. Customers increasingly appreciate objective communication and the pleasant tone of the bot's voice, which is sometimes indistinguishable from that of a real person. Artificial intelligence doesn't experience fatigue or burnout from performing repetitive tasks that bring no satisfaction. In other words, bots are ideal assistants for companies operating call centers that deal with customer service.

Benefits of a bot in a call center

Customer service is not always as easy as a piece of cake. It is often a difficult and monotonous job. Nowadays, customers are becoming increasingly demanding and critical in their evaluations. This is where tools come to the rescue, as well-configured ones can improve telephone contact and assist in text communication. The use of bots in call centers is slowly becoming commonplace because they provide added value to the company and are an exceptionally helpful option.

Fast and efficient

Bots can handle more inquiries and process a significant number of customer tickets. Bots streamline the process by multitasking through phone and voice contacts.


Introducing artificial intelligence into customer interactions reduces the cost of maintaining employees in the contact center. Statistically, bots can perform 70-80% of employee tasks, allowing them to focus on self-development and skill improvement.

Available 24/7

Bots are not dependent on holidays, schedules, or vacations. They can work around the clock, providing immediate responses to customer queries regardless of the time they are sent. The company’s immediate response improves user satisfaction.

Multilingual support

Artificial intelligence can overcome language barriers. A properly configured bot can handle conversations in multiple languages, eliminating the need to hire additional staff who are fluent in specific foreign languages. This reduces the costs of maintaining a contact center and expands the range of services provided by the company.

Easy analysis of results

Using bots facilitates process monitoring and analysis of key performance indicators. Data processing can be automated.

Perfect customer service with a bot in a contact center

When a user calls a contact center, the call is first answered by a bot that usually requests information such as the user’s name. This happens regardless of whether the system previously verified the data through the caller’s phone number. The bot verifies the identity once again for a reason. Technological advancements have made it possible to cleverly hide biometric security measures. By analyzing voice samples, artificial intelligence can determine that the person the bot is speaking with is the correct individual and can provide them with information. A properly configured bot should not make mistakes.

One notable feature of the bot is its ability to handle multiple calls simultaneously, reaching an impressive number of 600 calls. This significantly surpasses traditional contact centers, where one person can handle only one call at a time.

Changes in customer requirements after the pandemic outbreak

According to research, the number of calls to call centers in the banking industry increased by 80% per month during the pandemic compared to 2019. This increase was due to the closure of physical branches. These changes motivated companies to implement artificial intelligence. Otherwise, handling such a large volume of incoming calls would have been impossible. By utilizing bots, it was possible to maintain customer satisfaction and service levels. This solution proved particularly effective in handling repetitive inquiries, error reporting, and complaints.

Despite physical branches returning to pre-pandemic operations, customers often choose the option of remotely handling their affairs without leaving their homes or workplaces. This option is highly popular among working professionals who are unable to leave work for scheduled meetings during business hours.

Does using bots lead to employment optimization?

Bots are becoming commonplace in call centers. Artificial intelligence is intended to act as an ally to humans in carrying out their daily tasks, not as an enemy that will take away their jobs. While the bot handles incoming calls or sends text messages, humans can focus on work that requires creativity or more complex tasks. There is still a need to employ consultants for tasks such as direct customer service, organizational activities, and team coordination. This way, the company gains internal specialists who will have time and space for self-improvement and does not have to recruit additional external personnel.

A customer calling a contact center expects a short conversation and a quick answer to their question, hoping that the whole process won’t take much time.

Restricting employment is not necessary at all. By combining the forces of bots and humans, even better results and value can be brought to the company.

Bot in the call center and the quality of direct customer service

By working with a bot, we aim to make the best possible use of artificial intelligence. Time is money, so it is the most important value in customer service. Being able to easily reach the contact center and connect immediately with a consultant is worth its weight in gold. Long waiting times in queues, call rejections, or overloaded lines discourage customers and negatively impact the brand’s image. Even if direct contact is offered, user satisfaction drastically decreases.

Another advantage of a bot is faster operation through integration with a database that contains answers to queries.

The level of service offered by the bot is consistent

A human consultant is fallible, with emotions and, consequently, bad days when their patience is tested. Often, monotonous work and repetitive tasks lead to irritation, helplessness, and professional burnout. The ideal solution in this case is to use tools provided by artificial intelligence and introduce process automation to ensure the highest level of service quality regardless of the day. Currently, technology plays a crucial role in business, so it is worthwhile to opt for consultant support and introduce bots to your business. It is important to monitor the implementation process and observe the level of customer satisfaction.

The bots used in contact centers provide not only efficient but also impressive service quality. In addition to answering questions, customers expect decent and proper communication.

Outbound call handling

Artificial intelligence can not only handle incoming calls but also make calls to customers. In the case of outbound calls, the automation process works slightly differently. The advantage is that a bot can contact an unlimited number of customers simultaneously, on the same day and at the same time. This reduces the number of working hours for hotline employees and speeds up the process of conveying and recording information. A bot handling calls such as informational, verification, reporting, alert, and notification calls can make up to 3000 calls per second.

Bot in medical clinics

The assistance of a bot in outbound calls is not limited to selling photovoltaics. A robot can have a positive application, for example, by reminding patients about long-awaited appointments in medical clinics. Patients appreciate such a service and consider it very helpful. During such a call, patients can confirm their presence, reschedule an appointment, or even ask additional questions.

The bot’s task is to reach a specific group of customers and obtain specific information from them. This solution allows for the handling of a large group of customers. A human performing a similar task could take even several dozen hours.

How bots handle customers in banking

Voice solutions not only facilitate customer service but also make it safer. Voice bots can authenticate a transaction based on voice samples collected from natural conversations and help facilitate smooth transactions.

In addition to security, they offer the possibility of round-the-clock contact through text and phone communication. More and more customers are choosing to converse with a bot instead of contacting a call center consultant. Moreover, the dissatisfaction rate with artificial intelligence services has significantly decreased. There is a high probability that in the coming years, a bot-based system will experience further development and will be present in every institution.

Artificial intelligence in insurance

Employment optimization of insurance agents who previously made repetitive calls for inquiries or policy renewal is becoming increasingly common. Currently, companies are opting to use bots to handle such calls, simultaneously freeing up the potential of their employees in other areas.

Bots remind about policy renewal dates, ask for consent to send insurance offers, and can even engage in dialogue. Customers can request the bot to delete their data from the database or schedule a call for a later time. With the ability to handle up to 200 conversations in a minute, bots significantly lighten the workload of the team.

Will implementing bots lead to the end of traditional call centers?

Bots have become almost commonplace in call centers. The lack of automation can lead to a significant decrease in customer satisfaction and a shift to competitors. The traditional model of running a call center in customer service does not fulfill its role because the volume of inquiries and calls is too large to rely solely on humans. Research shows that nearly 80% of large organizations use bot assistance.

The development of chatbot and voicebot technologies allows for the handling of increasingly complex and intricate tasks. This reduces company expenses while improving the quality of services provided, which attracts customers to the brand. Artificial intelligence is not only beneficial for customers but also for employees. It relieves them of repetitive tasks, helps with monotonous duties, enables self-development, and ultimately assists the entire organization.