May 9, 2023, Business

Voicebot in customer service department – how can it help?

Elżbieta Osys Junior Content Specialist
Modern and professional customer service using a voice bot is the answer to growing customer needs. By implementing bots in customer service departments, employees are relieved of some of their monotonous tasks, while the team's efficiency and effectiveness increase. Voicebot guarantees the provision of services at a consistent high level. This is because artificial intelligence operates based on predefined scenarios, following strict rules.

The popularity of artificial intelligence is increasing not only among companies but also among users. Customers who are aware of the benefits of bots often choose to implement a voice bot instead of building a team of telephone consultants. Customer service automation offers benefits for both customers and business owners. The voice assistant provides round-the-clock service and assistance, can solve customer problems in real-time, and has a pleasant voice interface that ensures excellent customer service. It can meet high demands and even exceed expected results.

How does a voicebot work in customer service?

Customer service is a multi-step process that doesn’t end with the sale. Interactions between the customer and the company after completing a purchase are extremely important. Guaranteeing help and advice in case of need or encountered problems is valued by customers. High-quality customer service helps build brand loyalty and encourages repeat purchases.

A voice bot is an effective solution that works quickly and efficiently. It can provide individualized approach to customers, meet their needs, and reduce response time. It is important to note that while a bot is great support for customer service departments, it cannot completely replace a human consultant in daily work.

Its round-the-clock availability and the ability to maintain contact with customers regardless of the time, day of the week, or holidays are the greatest advantages of a bot. Importantly, the bot doesn’t experience fatigue, anger, or irritation from repetitive and non-creative work. This ensures that customer service is always at the highest level, and customers don’t stress when calling the helpline to get an answer to their question.

Customer service departments supported by voicebots

The most common departments that choose to use a bot for assistance are contact centers responsible for direct customer contact. Professional customer service is particularly important in this case. Adopting the right approach makes customers more likely to make repeat purchases. Building brand awareness and assuring customers that the company guarantees support and service at the highest level when needed, encourages them to make purchases.

An example of tasks a voice bot can handle includes presenting offers, assisting in the process of making a complaint, changing an appointment date, or scheduling another appointment on a different day. The bot provides reliable customer service, contributing to business development and creating positive experiences with the brand.

Ensuring high-level customer service with a Polish voicebot

A Polish voice bot provides telephone contact that is on par with English-language bots. Creating a voice assistant that communicates in Polish was a significant challenge for engineers and voice technology specialists. The main challenge in creating the robot was the Polish sentence structure and language inflection. Moreover, the Polish language has many dialects, which further complicated the creation of a bot with appropriate qualifications.

Currently, the Polish voice bot is on par with English-language bots. Depending on business needs, the voice bot performs well in conducting surveys, scheduling meetings, presenting offers, and even conducting soft debt collection.

At first glance, the process of creating and implementing a bot for customer service may seem complex and expensive. However, after conducting initial tests and making adjustments, the assistance of artificial intelligence proves to be invaluable.

Natural language understanding

NLU is a technology that enables a computer to understand human language. It is essential for the functioning of conversational systems such as chatbots and voice bots. Currently, it has wide commercial application in the development of AI and voice.

Speech recognition - an alternative method of interaction

According to sources, as early as 2008, there were programs available for the Polish language that could correctly recognize 5-9 out of 10 spoken words in continuous speech. Automatic speech recognition is an interdisciplinary field of study that combines knowledge from linguistics and computer science. Its main goal is to develop methodologies and technologies that enable computers to recognize and translate spoken language.

In customer service, proper understanding of the customer’s message is crucial. In this case, automatic speech recognition (ASR) comes to the rescue, particularly when combined with text-to-speech (TTS) and speech-to-text (STT) systems, allowing for the deciphering of human speech and generating satisfactory responses for customers.

Professional customer service with the help of a voicebot

Companies compete with each other not only in terms of price or a wide range of products but now, customer service has become the most important factor. The waiting time for assistance and the quality of service are decisive. It may seem difficult to combine quality and speed, but with the help of a bot, it appears much simpler.

Quality customer service that stands out from the competition

In customer service, clear and concise communication is important to guide customers towards problem resolution. Customers often value the ability to contact and receive real-time responses. By utilizing a voice bot, a company can go a step further than the competition and offer round-the-clock customer support at a low cost.

A properly implemented bot can handle inquiries and provide information 24/7 without breaks or vacations. As it does not experience fatigue, it does not refuse to make another call or get bored with its duties. It is an excellent assistant for a live consultant, taking care of repetitive tasks and allowing space for the creative development of employees.

Innovation and round-the-clock availability are advantages that distinguish a voice bot from the competition. By implementing a bot into their services, companies eliminate the problem of unavailability during nighttime hours. This provides them with round-the-clock accessibility while avoiding the need to maintain multiple teams of consultants working in shifts. The voice bot effectively ensures consistent customer service quality.

Benefits of customer service with the help of a voice bot

Introducing a bot into your company’s services is not only helpful for employees but also a significant advantage for customers, who are not forced to endure long waiting times to connect with a consultant. A voice bot brings many benefits to the business.

  • Quick integration – allows for integrating the bot with other call center tools and systems.

  • Automation – reduces customer service costs.

  • Quick connection with an assistant – reduces waiting time on the line.

  • Round-the-clock availability – the voice bot can serve customers at any time of the day.

  • Customer Experience – customers can contact using their preferred channel depending on their needs.

  • Individual approach – the voice bot continuously learns and can recognize situations that require empathy or additional consultation from a live assistant.

These are not the only advantages of a voice bot; its application and utilization depend on the individual needs of the company. The main goal is to find a solution that satisfies customers and, above all, improves the customer service process.

Automation of customer service

Artificial intelligence enables a range of actions in customer service that can be automated, thereby improving or optimizing them.

Call classification

Classifying calls to the appropriate customer service department is incredibly important throughout the process. It allows for faster problem resolution and demonstrates to the customer that the company has competent employees who care about their interests. Misdirected calls can result in customers not receiving satisfactory answers, leading to a prolonged process as they have to explain their problem again to another person.

Advanced voice bots can appropriately classify customer calls and redirect them to designated consultants, making them suitable for this task.

Identity authentication

Bot is an effective way to efficiently verify the identity of customers. The process of data authentication is repetitive and based on asking the same questions. Therefore, it is an ideal task for artificial intelligence.

Voicebot can not only ask for a customer’s name, mother’s maiden name, or the number of bank accounts they have but can also verify customers based on their voice samples. Such solutions work great in a bank, where it is crucial to determine if the person on the other end of the line is the actual account owner.

Blocking stolen documents

Lost or stolen documents cause extreme emotions in customers, leading them to expect immediate action and assistance to prevent identity theft. In such situations, it is necessary to act without unnecessary delays or tedious procedures. Every minute counts.

Voicebot is the perfect solution for urgent and unforeseen incidents where immediate help is needed. It enables 24/7 contact and responses within seconds. Over time, the bot can be trained to perform the entire procedure of blocking stolen documents without the assistance of a live consultant.

Recognizing the caller's intentions

Recognizing the intentions of a calling customer works similarly to call routing. Through natural language processing and continuous machine learning, artificial intelligence can recognize customer intentions.

When a customer wants to unsubscribe or requests to close their account, the voicebot identifies it in the system as an indication of customer loss. Its next steps involve redirecting the customer to the appropriate consultant who learns about the reasons for service cancellation and tries to prevent customer attrition.

Recognizing customer intentions at an early stage allows for providing high-quality services by understanding customer needs and improving brand satisfaction.

External actions

Voicebot is not only invaluable in customer service but also a good way to automate marketing and sales. With no limitations on making calls, a bot can reach a much larger number of customers with a campaign promoting a new product or service compared to a human.

The bot can make calls, present offers, answer questions, and provide customers with necessary information. In case of a problem or need for assistance, it can redirect the call to the appropriate assistant.

Investing in innovative and modern solutions primarily involves commitment to customer satisfaction. A revolutionary approach is a way to improve a company’s results.

A costly solution that brings savings

Implementing a voicebot as a trusted employee of the customer service department is a financial and technological challenge for a company. Purchasing the bot is not the only requirement; proper implementation, testing, and implementing corrections are necessary for it to function correctly.

When does the voicebot start making money?

The bot starts generating profits only after passing tests and fixing errors. Maintaining the bot becomes less costly than running an entire customer service department only after its implementation. Moreover, the bot’s learning capabilities contribute to improved customer service quality and can even introduce additional services, such as customer support in multiple foreign languages.

The voicebot doesn’t get tired, take vacation, or go on holidays, allowing it to provide services around the clock, regardless of the date or time. It is an irreplaceable help for employees who no longer have to perform repetitive tasks that consume their working hours without bringing any satisfaction.

Additionally, the bot doesn’t go through a recruitment process, so it doesn’t burden the company with costs associated with searching for and hiring new employees. There are no concerns about the bot wanting to leave the company. The bot’s possibilities are almost limitless, and there is no need for paid training, salary bonuses, or unnecessary courses.

Voicebot as a customer service employee

Companies are increasingly opting against traditional call centers for customer service. Unfortunately, they no longer meet today’s customer requirements and are less efficient and effective compared to bots. There is no time to waste on the internet, and customers expect companies to always be available and able to interact with them easily to provide answers to their questions.

Investing in a voicebot allows you to enjoy fast service not only for customers but also positively impacts the development of employees. Furthermore, the company gains its own experts who have in-depth knowledge of the products. Assisting in repetitive tasks enables employees to focus on improving service quality and fostering their creative development of skills.

Utilizing the latest voice technologies is a necessity to remain competitive in the market and meet the needs and requirements of customers.