Nov 28, 2022, Business

Voicebot in telemarketing – can it substitute humans?

Elżbieta Osys Junior Content Specialist
bot w telemarketingu
Conversations conducted by advanced voice bots are a great help for telemarketing in acquiring new customers. Artificial intelligence performs exceptionally well in call center positions, where it is utilized for repetitive tasks, responding to frequently asked customer inquiries, and presenting offers.

Companies that support their telemarketing efforts with artificial intelligence can attract up to four times more new customers compared to those using traditional marketing methods. In today’s highly competitive market, telemarketers face the challenging task of finding and engaging customers with their offers. To assist the telemarketing department in your company, it’s worth exploring the possibilities offered by bots.

What is telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a direct marketing tool that utilizes telephone communication to contact existing or potential customers. Telemarketing is often referred to as active customer acquisition or comprehensive telephone service. Modern telemarketing places great value on building customer relationships. For telemarketing to be effective in a company, the development of appropriate techniques and the implementation of supporting technology are required for efficient operations.

Telemarketing can be categorized as:

  • Outbound and inbound

  • Internal and external

  • Institutional and individual

Telemarketing enables:

  • Providing information (such as helplines of various types)

  • Sales (household appliances, life insurance, conferences and training, IT services, medical products, financial services, books, advertising space, travel offers, and many more)

  • Order processing

  • Handling complaints

  • Conducting market research

  • Appointment scheduling

It is a fundamental tool for call centers and contact centers.

How does a bot acquire customers in telemarketing?

Working as a telemarketer is often an entry point into the job market for young people. It provides an excellent opportunity for them to experience work culture, earn money, gain experience, and even develop a professional career. However, due to the monotonous nature of the work and the lack of creative tasks, the employee turnover rate in contact center positions reaches as high as 22%.

Bots have nearly unlimited capabilities, making it much easier for them to reach a large number of customers. They can make hundreds of calls simultaneously, attempting to engage customers in further conversation while also being able to handle incoming calls. During this time, telemarketers can focus on the customer database acquired by the bot and tailor offers accordingly to each customer.

According to Ruleranalytics research, acquiring new customers is the biggest challenge for telemarketing consultants. Therefore, implementing bots in call center departments can be a great help to employees and can also lead to improved results for the entire company.

Telemarketing conducted by voice bots

Bots in telemarketing are a sensible tool for relieving consultants of simple and repetitive tasks. This innovative telemarketing approach addresses customer needs while providing employees with opportunities for career development.

Voice bots effectively assist in call handling and can even be responsible for conducting conversations and maintaining customer contact. They can solve repetitive problems and, if necessary, transfer calls to more knowledgeable individuals for providing information. Artificial intelligence is a beneficial solution for companies dealing with a large number of calls that consultants are unable to handle. Problems with long waiting times before a telemarketer picks up the phone can be resolved by implementing bots.

Conversations conducted by bots increase conversion rates

According to research, telemarketing supported by artificial intelligence is more effective and increases lead generation. Voice bots allow customers to quickly connect without waiting in queues. Additionally, bots do not exhibit human emotions, which means they will not transfer their negative mood to customers, and the high-quality service provided by bots remains consistently reliable.

Bot in telemarketing - fast, error-free and convenient

The advantage of voicebots in marketing is the absence of human errors. If necessary, the conversation script should be corrected and checked to see if customers still report any issues after the corrections. This way, the conversation scenario can be adjusted to align with the overall brand communication, which is crucial for both customers and the company to ensure consistent brand experiences.

Thanks to the ease of making corrections and adapting them to existing processes within the company, a telemarketer can test new scripts on their own and verify if they yield the intended effects. With the advancement of technology, there are several solutions available that allow voicebots to be integrated with data aggregators, significantly assisting marketing departments in data analytics.

How does telemarketing with a bot work?

A voicebot understands human speech using Natural Language Understanding (NLU), which enables deciphering the question and understanding the customer’s intentions on the other end of the phone line. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is the technology that recognizes voice commands and converts them into text.

In an industry where making calls to customers is the primary task, such software is capable of improving the quality of services provided thus far and even detecting potential errors. Integrating a bot with existing solutions will have a positive impact on the quality of work performed by consultants while also enhancing the potential for acquiring new leads.

Bot as an invaluable assistant for call centers

Implementing a bot into their services improves the quality of customer service, enhances data analytics management, enables faster delivery of offers to customers, and that’s not all. Voicebots also assist employees in their daily tasks. They allow employees to engage in more creative assignments, develop company products, improve service quality, or participate in additional training. Consequently, the company gains internal experts who are committed to the enterprise’s growth.

Telemarketing supported by voicebots - summary

AI-supported telemarketing is an innovative solution that helps companies achieve better results while caring for their employees and their development. Combining the capabilities of voicebots with the skills of consultants enables becoming an industry leader and refining the quality of conversations to perfection.

AI analyzes questions, provides answers, and with the help of additional modules, decides when to transfer the conversation to a consultant. It eliminates long waiting times on the line and improper call classification. Voice bots are available to customers at all times, delivering services at a consistently high level.