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Cost optimization of the contact center and shifting the team to more complex tasks.


  • Scope Creation of a voice bot that executes outbound campaigns to GreenGas customers who regularly order technical gases.
  • Technologies .NET
    Google Cloud
  • Industry Sales of technical gasses
  • iteo Team 4 x Backend Developers
    1 x Tester
    1 x Project Manager

Contacts made by a voice bot to customers help optimize the costs of contact center operations and allow employees to be shifted to more complex tasks.


  • 2022
    June 6

    Providing the specification of integration requirements with GreenGas systems.

    June 13

    Providing the integration data with GreenGas telecommunications systems.

    June 20

    Establishing the business scenario flow and providing the integration according to the requirements specification.

    August 15

    The training session covering the functionalities of the Platform.

    August 30

    Platform launch.

    Till October 30

    The process of retraining the voice bot.

  • Intro

    GreenGas specializes in the distribution of liquefied gas in cylinders.

    Currently, it operates in 11 distribution branches (nine owned and two affiliated), and collaborates with several partners. It supplies over 3,000 institutional customers (B2B) and around 70,000 households (B2C).

    To optimize the costs of recurring sales processes for B2B and B2C customers and provide the most innovative solutions in the industry, GreenGas has decided to collaborate with iteo voice solutions for the implementation of voice solutions.


    Business needs & goals

    GreenGas has a customer base that regularly orders gas within specific time intervals. Prior to the introduction of the voice bot, contact with such customers was handled by the contact center staff.

    The consultants would gather information about the assortment and quantity of gas cylinders ordered. The repetitive and linear processes were perfectly suited for automation through a voice bot, which allows for cost optimization and enables employees to focus on tasks that require more complex interactions with customers.


    The bot initiates connections with the customer database based on the data provided by the GreenGas system.

    During customer interactions, the bot informs them about the delivery schedule and gathers information about the requested assortment and quantity. The information collected during the conversation is then transmitted to the GreenGas system.


    Challenges & solutions

    The GreenGas assortment consists of several dozen types of cylinders and gas variants. GreenGas customers often use colloquial language when placing orders, not specifying the catalog name of the product but using customary names instead.

    The team had to train the bot to effectively process customer orders given in various ways regarding the requested assortment. An additional challenge addressed in the bot’s scenario was handling situations where the customer was unable to provide the assortment/quantity at the time of contact (requiring verification). The handling logic for such cases required initiating contact with the customer again.


    Preparing the solution, we used the proprietary tool Vosito, which is an AI-powered tool supported by machine learning. Its purpose is to improve the recognition of the speaker’s intentions.


    Outgoing contacts conducted by the voice bot effectively gather orders from GreenGas customers who regularly purchase the company’s products. 

    The optimization of the sales process costs and the ability to reallocate freed resources to more complex processes positively impact customer satisfaction while maintaining a high level of sales comparable to contacts made by contact center employees.

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