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PSA Finance

Improved management of service and sales processes and increased customer satisfaction.


  • Scope Creation of a voice bot that carries out outbound campaigns after customer contact with PSA Finance – the voice bot conducts a survey to assess customer satisfaction with the service provided.
  • Technologies .NET
    Google Cloud

  • Industry Automotive/Finance
  • iteo Team 1 x UX designer
    4 x Backend Developers
    1 x Tester
    1 x Project Manager

The feedback gathered from customers contacting PSA Finance helps in better managing service and sales processes to enhance customer satisfaction.

Timeline from the moment of signing the agreement

  • 2022
    3 days

    Agreement on detailed content of the business scenario execution.

    8 days

    Launch and acceptance testing. Training for PSA Finance employees on the functionalities of the Platform.

    10 days

    Production launch.

  • Intro

    PSA Finance is a part of the STELLANTIS Group and closely collaborates with dealers of Peugeot, Citroën, and DS vehicles.

    The company offers carefully selected and optimized financing options built on years of international experience and a deep understanding of the Polish legal and financial landscape.

    To enhance customer service quality and provide the most innovative solutions in the industry, PSA Finance has decided to collaborate with iteo voice solutions on the implementation of voice-based solutions.


    Business needs & goals

    PSA Finance conducted customer satisfaction surveys through email after customer contact.

    Due to the low effectiveness of this feedback collection method, the company was seeking a solution to engage customers more effectively and gather more feedback. The objective was to conduct satisfaction surveys after contact with PSA Finance as quickly as possible and increase effectiveness compared to email surveys.


    The bot conducts satisfaction surveys in outbound campaigns by making outgoing calls to the designated numbers provided by PSA Finance. The survey consists of multiple questions, and the response type can be configured.

    The PSA Finance team has access to a dashboard, call reports, and business reports, allowing them to monitor the progress of the campaigns and the level of customer satisfaction with the service in real-time.


    Challenges & solutions

    PSA Finance expected the bot to include additional open-ended questions and allow customers to provide their feedback and raise any concerns if their responses indicated dissatisfaction with the service.

    The User Panel allows access to call recordings and transcriptions of customer statements, enabling The PSA Finance team to manage feedback easily.


    We used our in-house tool called Vosito – an AI-powered tool supported by machine learning, designed to better recognize the intentions of the interlocutor.


    The automation of the satisfaction survey process after contacting PSA Finance has resulted in a reduction in the time between customer contact and the provision of feedback.

    Moving the survey to the voice channel has also increased effectiveness (response rate), directly impacting the number of collected surveys.

    The ability for customers to provide feedback through free-form responses with the bot and the access to such data in the form of transcriptions enable PSA Finance employees to take immediate actions to restore customer satisfaction.

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